KS1 Revision

KS1 Revision
Whether you are a teacher, parent or carer, you don't need us to tell you the importance of KS1 revision.

Staying ahead of Key Stage One targets helps children get off to the perfect start at school, a firm foundation in numeracy and literacy both setting the platform for all future learning, but also inspiring a lifelong love of learning.

Workabooks can help with KS1 revision. They are a single resource the pupil works through over the course of the school year - each book contains the homework for one subject for a whole school year.

As a teacher, they provide security; you will know that the pupils have engaging, age-appropriate homework for the whole year designed to keep them on track for all KS1 objectives.

And as a parent or carer, purchasing Workabooks allows you to closely monitor your child's progress - you will be able to see exactly what they should be doing to stay level with the curriculum guidelines.

And we should point out that Workabooks are fun. They are an engaging resource full of enjoyable tasks making homework and KS1 revision something children enjoy rather than a chore.

We do however realise that there are many resources and websites available to those teaching and looking after children. While we believe in the quality of our Workabooks, you will naturally want to judge for yourself. Here is how you can try Workabooks for yourself and put them to the test as a learning resource and KS1 revision aid.

By following this link, you can download sample pages, order evaluation copies or schools can request free copies to help you put Workabooks to the test.

On taking order of an evaluation set you will be able to see how the Workabooks cater for children at different stages of development, yet help push everyone to attain the Key Stage targets.

For practice exercises there are different levels of task, ranging from reinforcing the basics to more challenging tasks - more confident pupils can try the latter, while others will need the basics reinforced at this stage.

There are also different types of task, some based on learning key skills through repetition, others designed to develop analytical skills through open-ended type questions.

Workabooks allow every pupil to find their own level, yet enjoy the feeling of making genuine progress. The Workabooks also allow pupils to work through any problems they might have had - pupils often get left behind in lessons, but time spent on activities in a Workabook can help bridge any gaps in learning.

Please have a look around the site, there are examples of Workabooks, details on how to order and some FAQs relating to teachers and parents.

And do have a look at some of the samples, and get in touch if you have any questions. Questions are after all what we are good at - and we believe our cleverly structured questions can help with every child's revision for those all-important KS1 tests.

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