Workabooks 2nd Edition 2014


Managing director

Wendy Griffiths



Jill Charnley

Sue Tovey

Julie Thompson

Laura Marsden

Sue Steart

Lesley Clatworthy

Charmain Povey


Design, Proofing:

Paula Sayer

Alexis Vallance

Roger Kennedy

Belinda Wakefield



Ellis Nadler

Graeme Wilson

Caroline Coates



Lyn Rogers

Andy Rourke at Feed Creative BB1 3HQ

Alphasoft SW20 8QU

iTG Technologies SK10 2NE


Production, printing

Andy Rourke at Feed Creative BB1 3HQ

Connekt Colour HP4 1EH



Workabooks 1st Edition 2005


Management and Production:

Wendy Griffiths Managing director


Roger Kennedy Creative director

Ellis Nadler Covers and character illustrations

Paula Sayer Senior designer

Mike Verdi-Cotts Production co-ordinator

Lyn Rogers Scriptwriter


and with important contributions from:

Belinda Wakefield, Russell Anderson, David Raitt,

Graeme Wilson, Phil Bushell, Tara Roskell


Writers and Contributors:

Deirdre Howard-Williams Series author and editor


with co-authors and contributors:

Elizabeth Bryant-Patch Mathematics 3

Anita Loughrey Literacy 4 and 5

Nic Hunt Mathematics 6

Glenys O’Connell Literacy 3



Nina Birch Literacy advisor and critical reader

Rowan Waller Mathematics advisor and critical reader


Technical Team:

The Alphasoft Consultancy, SW6 4QP

Connekt, HP4 1EHPrinters

SOS Direct, LU4 8ELFulfilment

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