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What's inside a Workabook?

The Workabook format is consistent across the range. Inside, you’ll find:

  • Three core elements: Learning Exercises, Practice Exercises and Thinking Tasks
  • Pages to write the answers
  • Space for teachers, children, parents and carers to write their comments
  • Achievement page to reward and record achievement
  • Mini dictionary with important vocabulary
  • Reading record in the English Workabooks
  • Some Key Facts from previous year included as Reference.
  • Rewards and Certificate of Completion
What's inside a Workabook?
Workabooks: take a look inside

There are several ways to see what Workabooks look and feel like and discover what they offer:

  • You can download and preview sample pages
  • Schools can order two free copies (one English and one mathematics Workabook)
  • You can buy complete evaluation sets

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