English KS1 Revision

english ks1 revision
Doing English KS1 revision with Workabooks helps children succeed,and provides a perfect platform for their continued learning in future years.

That's why so many schools and parents choose Workabooks.

Workabooks offer an effective,structured English homework system that supports the National Curriculum, as English revision tasks built into workbooks match statutory requirements for kS1 English

Additionally, introducing revision for pupils studying english at ks1 consolidates classroom learning, even at schools with no history of primary homework.

About English Revision Workabooks for KS1

All our English Workabooks for each year of KS1 are divided into three sections.

In the first section of KS1 English homework book, you have learning exercises. These feature a Word Bank includingA World of Words. This provides themed lists to extend students' vocabulary in writing tasks.

English ks1 learning exercises

The use of themes for written and spoken tasks gives unity to each week's English revision exercises. New vocabulary discovered by the students can also be added to the themed lists.

In this learning section, there's also Rules, Patterns and Important Words - a spelling list culled from the National Curriculum.

A second - Practice Exercises - section outlines tasks designed to consolidate daily classroom learning at English Key Stage 1, while the third section, Thinking Tasks, deploysand applies the skills developed in the Learning and Practice Exercises. The writing tasks in this section feature a number of genres both fiction and non fiction.

English revision practice tasks

All the English sections in the revision Workabooks aid in extending students' English vocabulary, their devising of spelling strategies, their improving of English grammar, their constructing of sentences and punctuation, and their reading comprehension and reading strategies.

And, they are all based on aspects of the English KS2 National Curriculum

Setting English KS1 homework

Teachers currently using our KS1 English revision books tend to set three exercises a week, i.e. one task from each section of their English Workabook.

While all the exercises reflect and support the English National Curriculum at KS1, the order of completion is at the teacher's discretion.

Answers to all set questions appear on the same page and can be downloaded by the teacher.

The second section for practice exercises is usefully structured on three levels: A, B, C.

Level A is achievement of basic English competence and consolidation of any preceding years.

Level B is based on objectives for the year 2 or year 3 group.

Level C is to challenge the more confident students.

Teachers, therefore, have flexibility and discretion to set homework tailored to individual student skills and ability.

Practice and Reward; Learn and Reward

As all teachers know, young children at KS1 English level need to be incentivised to perform tasks.

While students tend to become proud of their English revision books, there are other incentives designed to keep them motivated for KS1 English revision at home.

An achievement page allows them to plot the completion of each of their English KS1 homework tasks.

Reward stickers - from a tear-out sheet at the back of the book - also help celebrate completion of tasks.

And, there is an end of year certificate that recognises their achievement each year.

The books themselves are brightly coloured, imaginatively themed and fun for children to work with, which, coupled with the rewards, makes it easier forparents to get their children to to do their homework.

Teachers lives also are made considerably easier by using English Workabooks.

No more endless photocopying for tasks, and a structured English homework system off the shelf that will greatly improve learning by pupils at English KS1 by helping them to revise at home.

Other Features of Key Stage 1 English Revision Books

There are some other features of our English Workabooks that warrant a mention.

A mini-dictionary contains all the English vocabulary students are expected to learn in that key stage year. Children can add their own definitions as well as their own extra words should they wish.

There's a Reading Record for children to document and recommend books they have enjoyed, along with two special bookmarks.

Added to all this, the cost to schools of a structured homework system for primary schools is negligible compared to certain competitors in this market, who require books bought for themes that are part of the KS1 rather coveringthe entire year.

It makes perfect sense for teachers and parents to see for themselves the immense difference an English Workabook can make.

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