English KS2 Revision

english ks2 revision
English KS2 Revision books deliver improved standards among English students at primary school level.

They are perfect for primary schools wanting to provide structured English KS2 homework that raises standards by consolidating classroom learning.

English ks2 learning exercises

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They are equally perfect for parents, carers and tutors who want to support children by helping improve their performance at English KS2.

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Structure of Key Stage 2 English Revision Books

Workabooks are specifically designed to support the national curriculum and are available for each year of English KS2.

The books come in three sections focused on key English KS2 learning activities which the student can revise at home.

Thethree sections are as follows: -

1. Learning Exercises

Education may have moved on massively from the days of rote learning but, nevertheless, some things still need to be learned by heart.

The learning exercises in our English KS2 homework books help extend students' vocabulary and increase their understanding of grammar

They contain a Word Bank featuring themed vocabulary lists to be used in writing exercises.

There's also space for students to add additional words. And, there's also a second key section of learning exercises called Rules, Patterns and Important Words.

This contains the National Curriculum spelling list for English Key Stage.

2. Practice Exercises

The purpose of the practice exercises in our English Key Stage 2 revision books is the re-inforcement and consolidation of everything taught in the classroom.

The practice exercises are purposefullypitched at three levels to help teachers and parents keep students motivated regardless of their skill and ability levels

English revision practice tasks
Level A involves basic skills and the consolidation of the previous year's learning.

Level B is to meet that year's objectives, while Level C is to give students something more challenging.

The revision exercises cover most aspects of the National Curriculum and can be taught in any order by parents, teachers or tutors.

3. Thinking and Writing Tasks

The third main section of our revision books for English KS2 is Writing Tasks.

As previously, these tasks can be matched to the skills and interests of students and be completed non-sequentially.

They also again reflect most aspects of the English KS2 National Curriculum.

The purpose of this section is to allow students to put into practice and apply the skills they have learned in the other two sections.

The writing tasks contain a mixture of genre, both fiction and non-fiction plus students are encouraged to recordtheir own ideas in their book.

Learn and Reward with English KS2 Workabooks

No educator needs telling that children at primary age respond to reward based systems.

Taking this into account, the English KS2 Workabooks come with tear out stickers to reward completion of tasks.

And there is a certificate to be awarded each student on completion of their yearly English Workabook.

It's not unusual, incidentally, to find that students tend to take pride in their Workabooks as they complete tasks within them.

The books are designed to appeal directly to each age group using them, being bright, colourful and imaginative in their use of graphics and themes.

Other Features

Other features available with these KS2 English homework books are a mini-dictionary with all the vocabulary the children are expected to learn each year. There's also space for them to add their own preferred definitions.

And, there's a Reading Record, allowing students to document and recommend their reading material for year.

Ultimately, these are incredibly well-thought out and organised Key Stage 2 revision books that can help raise attainment at this key stage level among students whether incorporated as a structured homework system by schools, or used by parents, carers and teacher on an individual basis.

They are also incredibly competitive on cost when compared to any alternative homework books for primary level.

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