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Are you a parent wishing to help your child with their primary school maths homework? Everybody wants their child to succeed, but it can be tricky to know exactly how to help.

If your child is of primary school age and needs a little extra help with their maths homework then we have just the thing for you.

Workabooks are the primary school aged teaching aides for teachers and parents across Britain to consolidate classroom learning and bring Maths and English to life.

Workabooks cover both Key Stages 1 and 2 of your child's primary maths curriculum and are a fun and effective way to support your child with their maths homework.

How our Primary Maths Homework Books Help

It can be hard for many parents to know where to start in supporting their children's learning and you may find it difficult to know how best to help. For those who don't work in education, primary maths may be a distant memory - workabooks can take the stress and guesswork out of helping your child to make progress. By using a maths workabook, designed to complement what your child is learning at school, you can be confident that you are covering the right topics in the most effective way.

How they Work

Workabooks cover the three core aspects of successful learning and revision: learning, practice and revision with exercises in each to help cement knowledge and put the skills learned into practice. Workabooks are a complete system, including: space for answers; room for comments to promote communication between your child's school and you; reminders and references from the previous year to help catch up on any forgotten topics; areas to record achievements and progress; and rewards and a certificate of completion.

The structured, consistent style and rewards system will motivate your child to learn and improve in a way that is clear and manageable.Workabooks' bright and creative designs will grab and hold your child's attention, bringing maths to life with vibrant and loveable characters.

For an example of what our primary maths workabooks look like and how theycan help with your child's homework, view our sample books here. Why not download a sample page to work through with your little student at home?

Maths Homework Help for Parents, Teachers and Carers

Perhaps you are a teacher, head teacher or governor looking for engaging ideas for your primary school's maths homework. Workabooks are a great resource for teachers, helping to set and review homework in a way that is consistent throughout your pupils' school life and Key Stages.

Workabooks are a fuss free resource for teachers and can save time and resources by reducing the need for printing and photocopying and making it easier to chart each pupils' progress through their individual workabook - one maths workabook contains an entire year's homework!

Workabooks are also a great way to ensure your pupils' parents and carers feel supported to help their children with their maths homework and provide a clear and consistent system for all. They encourage positive communication with parents and can help build theirs and their child's confidence in turn.

If you are a primary school teacher interested in seeing how workabooks can help you and your class, you can order a free sample by calling 0345 122 8623.

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