KS2 Revision

KS2 Revision
Key Stage Two is a vitally important time in every child's education - it helps set the trend for all future learning, with Workabooks you can be sure that any child in your care is having their KS2 revision and learning needs met.

Workabooks are a resource which provide a pupil's literacy and numeracy homework for a whole year. They are a resource which accompanies them throughout the whole year, ensuring any child is meeting the Key Stage requirements, yet also learning and revising at their own pace for KS2.

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For the teacher, Workabooks ensure that every child's homework needs are being met in the key stages at a key time. The numeracy and literacy books follow the National Curriculum; your teaching is backed up by age appropriate homework which will build on the lessons taught in class.

Workabooks are also used by parents and carers who want to give the children in their care every chance of maximising the effectiveness of KS2 revision and who want to be able to easily track where their children are in relation to their expected progress.

But what areWorkabooks and how do they help the pupil and aid Key Stage 2 revision?

KS2 Learning with Workabooks

Workabooks are in part a return to good, old fashioned pen and paper learning. We know how important being able to use technology is, but we also believe that at times there is no better learning than to think through a problem and to write down the answer in a book of permanent record.

The internet is sprawling, everything is on it, but everything can be hard to find. A Workabook is a singular resource with one sole task - ensuring the pupil it belongs to has all they need for a core subject for that year. Regardless of what they learn from the internet, orwhat other resources they use; if a child is able to keep pace with the homework in the Workabook they will be in good shape for KS2.

You can see examples of Workabook tasks by heading to this page It is also possible to buy evaluation copies and, for schools, you can request a few free trial copies; perfect for passing round to teachers, governors and parents so everyone can say whether they are a resource the school should consider investing in.

Although Workabooks are pen and paper-based learning, they are not dry, boring work sheets. They cover a range of tasks, for example in literacy some are word based, some sentence based and some longer passages of imaginative writing.

The books also have sections for common words - for example key numeracy terms from that year's learning - while the literacy books have word banks, perfect for extending vocabulary for creative writing tasks.

The tasks are also pitched for different confidence levels, for some pupils reinforcing skills and building confidence will be key; while others will be able to take a version of the homework which pushes them that bit further and encourages them to take a risk.

But that is enough talking about Workabooks and how they can aid KS2 revision and learning.

Please head over to this page to download sample pages to have a look for yourself whether you are a parent, carer, teacher or Head.

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