Key Stage 1 Maths Revision

Key stage 1 maths revision
Are you a parent or carer struggling to help your child with their Key Stage 1 maths homework or revision?

At Workabooks we know that helping your child with maths can seem like an overwhelming task, but with Workabooks maths revision doesn't have to be frightening!

With a Key Stage 1 maths Workabook, you can guide your child confidently through their school year and help them to develop life-long skills.

Workabooks' structured learning and revision aids break down the Key Stage 1 maths syllabus into manageable, bite sized chunks that won't overwhelm your child. They can be used for independent study, at home or in the classroom.

By systematically working through their workabook, children will make real progress, cement the knowledge they've gained in the classroom and grow in confidence from their achievements.

Maths Workabooks are an excellent aid to classroom learning - your child can be supported by you in using their Key Stage 1 maths Workabook to practice and reinforce the maths skills they've learnt at school.

Key Stage 1 Maths Revision - some sample Workabooks pages

Not just for children and parents, Workabooks are a great tool for teachers too! If you're a primary school teacher, a Key Stage 1 maths Workabook is the perfect planning aide and can be used to devise and manage homework and chart your pupils' progress throughout the school year.

Perhaps you're a head teacher thinking of incorporating Workabooks into your classrooms? Workabooks provide your teachers with a structured and manageable course through the Key Stage 1 maths curriculum and can be a brilliant tool for the effective setting and management of homework and revision.

Workabooks provide a consistent and structured homework system for your pupils, covering a whole year and formed around the critical processes of learning, practising and thinking. They encourage effective understanding and retention of knowledge presented in the classroom and will ensure your pupils are supported to fulfil their potential.

For a parent, they also provide reassurance - as a revision aid they show that your child understands the key stage 1 maths curriculum. Workabooks will help you ensure that any child in your care has the numeracy building blocks vital both for a quality education and also success in the workplace.

Robust and built to last the year through, Workabooks also save precious teaching time and school resources by eliminating the need for photocopying.

Workabooks are suitable for all pupils, with three stages of practice tasks ranging from basic to challenging, encouraging pupils' continuous development.

Workabooks' friendly and bright characters are an engagingcompanion to children's learning and progress is celebrated through Achievement pages, Rewards and a Certificate of Completion.

Want to start using Workabooks in your school? You can order a free sample copy of our KS1 maths Workabook online. You can order your free sample and also see a video showcasing Workabooks on this page.

Start this school year as you mean to go on - with structured learning from Workabooks.

Please take a look round the site, get a feel for Workabooks and do have a look at the sample pages available here.

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