Maths Revision Books for KS1 (key stage 1)

maths Key stage 1 revision made easy
Get Key Stage 1 maths revision Workabooks and you will be able to introduce a structured homework system to your school certain to raise attainment, plus teacher-parent satisfaction.

Our KS1 maths revision books offer an entire homework system based on the national curriculum for England in a single book for every Year 2 pupil at your school aged between 5 and 7.

These homework maths revision work books are expressly designed to consolidate maths classwork learning at KS1 - and make teachers’ lives easier.

Being bright and colourful workabooks, packed with characters and achievement rewards, they get great buy-in among pupils as young as five, six and seven years old.

Why Choose KS1 Maths Revision Workabooks?

  • Homework is made easily manageable for even the most stressed teacher. It’s easy to set for schools with no prior experience of setting KS1 maths homework.
  • Teachers need never visit the photocopying machine ever again! Exercises for the entire year are contained within our maths revision Workabooks for key stage 1.
  • Every KS1 maths student will have their own Workabook, making it easy to set homework based on each pupil’s level.
  • It’s easy for teachers and parents to track progress and development due to it all being in just one maths homework book for a year
  • A structured maths KS1 homework system can help raise the overall attainment levels of your school.
  • KS1 maths pupils can keep track of their progress with their own Workabook which they feel very proud of.
  • Our maths revision books are based on the KS1 national curriculum, so perfect for primary schools in England.
  • The books aim to encourage the learning of maths among young learners. This is their first experience of homework so the books are inspirational and stimulating, complete with a record of achievement, rewards and a certificate of completion in each.

How Our KS1 Maths Revision Books are Organised

Our maths revision books for key stage 1 are deliberately designed to facilitate three key learning principles: -

  • Learning key maths facts and appropriate for each year;
  • Practice exercises to consolidate key maths facts;
  • Applying this learning to everyday examples and problems by investigating maths even further with Thinking Tasks.

A KS1 maths teacher can easily set an exercise from each of these three principles a week for twenty-four weeks of the school year.

All your school’s teachers will be able to download the answers to the practice exercises for the KS1 maths revision books from our website, free after purchase.

Key Components of the Maths KS2 revision book

1. Learning exercises

At this early stage, there’s always a need for learning of key maths facts like tables, units of measure and so on. But our Key Stage 1 Maths Revision books keep this learning interesting and attainable, breaking down each learning step into manageable bite-sized chunks. Naturally, these are presented in bright colours and use characters to foster interest.

learning exercises for maths revision ks1

2. Practice Exercises

This is most likely to be your pupils’ first ever introduction to any form of homework so it’s vital they don’t get downhearted. With this in mind, there are lots of KS1 graded maths exercises to practice on.

The beginning grade is A – basics, then B – for building up confidence and then C – for more of a challenge.

The variety of tasks in the maths practice Workabooks are colourful and will help to keep your KS1 pupils on track.

The ongoing practice exercises throughout the year will consolidate what you’ve taught pupils in the classroom and contribute to improving their confidence too.

maths ks1 revision practice

3. Thinking Tasks

It’s much easier to consolidate learning when pupils can see this is something that can help them in real-life.

Therefore, the maths revision books contain plenty of applied thinking tasks, many created around everyday situations.

These problem-solving activities form a natural flow-on from the related key facts and practice exercises.

applied maths ks1 exercises

4. Motivation: Feedback and Recognising Achievement

Our Workabooks are a complete homework system for key stage 1 maths in one book.

All answers are written in the Workabook; there’s also space for feedback for children, teachers, parents and carers to add their comments and support.

As well, there are achievement pages that highlight maths progress, along with reward stickers at the back to be given out throughput the year.

And finally, there is a year two certificate of completion to be personalised at the end of the year.

You will find the system of rewards helps pupils feel proud of their accomplishments in maths throughout the year!

5. Other Features

Among other key features are: -

  • A maths mini dictionary with all the mathematics terms a pupil should know in year two of KS1
  • A clock face to help with learning to tell the time

6. More Information

There are guidelines for parents, carers and tutors at home about how they can work best with the KS1 maths revision books: You can also download an introductory guide to our maths Workabooks:

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