Maths KS2 Revision

maths Key stage 2 revision made easy
Maths KS2 revision is easy for both teachers and pupils with Workabooks.

They provide a systematic and carefully structured homework system for schools, allowing each child in Years 3,4,5 and 6 to consolidate their maths learning throughout the year by revising maths at home.

Crucially, they also help teachers and pupils of KS2 Mathematics to manage their homework much more effectively.

The KS2 Maths revision Workabooks are designed to be appealing to pupils, offering high quality homework books that are visually and educationally appropriate for each year in key stage 2.

Key Benefits of Maths Key Stage 2 Revision Workabooks

  • With Workabooks, setting homework has never been as manageable for schools – this is especially important for schools with no track record of structured homework.
  • No photocopying needed, saving costs in terms of cash and time for each teacher.
  • No need to create homework for each student’s ability level as each student has their own Maths KS2 workbook with graded activities to suit the majority of pupils.
  • Much easier to keep track of each student’s learning and development as one book covers a whole year’s maths homework needs.
  • Implementing a structured maths homework programme will raise the performance of your primary, junior or middle school and help your students reach the required attainment levels - a key aim and objective for any primary school looking to improve.
  • Easy for pupils to keep track of their maths learning, as all their KS2 maths knowledge is in one place – so no more lost worksheets!
  • Easy for teachers to manage and track progress of each student throughout the year.
  • Lightens the work burden on teachers: a whole year of homework in one book!
  • Based on the revised national curriculum, so especially suited to primary schools in England.
  • Workabooks are designed to incentivise pupils to learn KS2 Maths. The revision books have achievement awards, certificates of completion and the design of the books will stimulate children for each year of KS2 maths.
  • For schools who currently do not set homework, Maths KS2 revision workbooks help you make homework fundamental to your pupils’ learning.
  • Parents and carers have the opportunity to work with their child, and also can see that their child’s school takes attainment seriously.

About the Maths KS2 Workabooks

The books are purposely structured to cover of three essential learning principles:
  • The need to learn and remember key facts and procedures such as multiplication tables;
  • The need to practice so that learning is consolidated;
  • The need to think and apply the learning to find solutions to real life situations and problems.

We recommend that teachers set one task from each of these three learning principles each week for thirty weeks of the academic year (twenty-four for Book 6 and Book 6+).

Answers for all the practice exercises are downloadable from our website by schools and parents, carers and tutors after purchasing the Maths Workabooks.

What’s in a Maths KS2 revision book?

1. Learning exercises

Much maths at this stage requires learning by heart. But to make Key Stage 2 maths revision interesting and attainable, the books break down such ‘key facts’ like multiplication tables into manageable bite-sized chunks.

These key facts are presented in colours appropriate for colour blind pupils and logically ordered.

learning exercises for maths revision ks2

2. Practice Exercises

As all educators know, practice makes perfect. Our KS2 Maths revision workbooks offer plenty of practice exercises for students of varying abilities so no one is left behind or feels unmotivated.

Deliberately, they come graded at A – basics, B – for building up confidence and C – for more of a challenge.

As with the learning exercises, the practice exercises have been carefully designed and have real variety to prevent boredom creeping in among KS2 maths students.

More practice will consolidate learning in the classroom at home and add to students’ confidence throughout the year.

maths ks2 revision practice

3. Thinking Tasks

Good, structured KS2 Maths homework books like ours appreciate that a child needs to understand how what they learn needs to be applied to everyday life. That’s where our thinking tasks come in. These exercises bring together the KS2 maths key facts and KS2 maths practice exercises into real life situations, or allow for another branch of mathematics and numeracy to be investigated.

As always, the maths Workabooks come formatted in eye-catching designs to ensure pupils’ interest is maintained.

We continually find that children feel proud of their KS2 maths revision workbooks because of the characters and bright colours they encounter within them.

practical maths ks2 homework exercises

4. Other features: Input and achievement

Because each individual maths revision book is an entire structured homework system for each pupil for a year, it means naturally there are spaces for pupils to answer each exercise, plus spaces for parents, carers and teachers to mark and add comments.

Achievement pages and rewards recognise progress, along with end of year certificates of completion.

Tear out stickers at the back of the book reward progress throughout the year.

In each Workabook, from Books 3 to 6 and 6+, there are selected key learning facts from the previous year included at the rear of each book.

There is a maths mini-dictionary in each book which helpfully details all the mathematics terms the pupil should have become familiar with for the required attainment level.

We also offer guidelines to parents, carers and tutors at home about how they can work best with Workabooks: and you can download in-depth guide to our maths workbooks:

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